About us

We are a couple of crazy heads united by our passion for active lifestyle and travels. At home our couple is extended by two other young couples summing up to a family of six, which doesn’t leave much time to escape into the wild that often. Therefor we appreciate each escape even more. Sometimes we try to go wild with a bunch of our girls too, but we must admit that having two of them with special needs limits our options of destinations and scope of wilderness.

I, Laura, am the main writer in our team. But my writings would be too dull and dry without the photos made by our team photographer – Pedro. We love wild camping and doing things the hard way, even though sometimes we stay pragmatic and let some civilization or comfort into our travels too.

This blog is meant first and foremost to archive our precious memories and, of course, to share them with our friends and relatives in a more convenient way. That is why all the texts are very personal, reflecting our subjective experiences (including those prior to the hikes). It is not meant to be an advisory site for other travelers, though indeed some information might be useful for them too.

Let’s go wild!

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