GR-20 – when you bite more than you can chew // Crossing Corsica from South to North

Second year in a row due to the pandemic we've decided to stay close by, limiting our possible destinations within a reasonable drive in case the flight would be cancelled. After an extensive search our eyes got caught by a little French island in the Mediterranean sea. It is well known between French hikers for …

Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park

What do normal people do when they get back home after 10 days of hiking in Iceland? Throw themselves into a soft bed? Have a shower? Eat a huge steak? Well, we are not normal (if you haven’t noticed by now)! Thus, after a long overnight flight back to Spain, we went home only for a couple of hours to repack our backpacks, have a super quick shower (this is as normal as we get 😊) and hit the road again. Direction – North (kind of a tradition for this year).

Iceland unplanned

The bumpy road from Landmannalaugar made us realize how far from the civilization we were. The harsh desert-like landscape continued for more than an hour drive. It was hard to contemplate that such a wonderful place was completely surrounded by a vast rocky desert.

Day adventures 2018

Big adventures, small adventures… we love them all as long as we get an opportunity to escape into the wild. Like the majority of families with kids, we are limited in the amount of time we can spend on crazy and long holidays. Nevertheless, nature for us is a major source of energy and relaxation so we try to have our little escapes as frequently as we can. Those escapes are usually one day hikes or rides with a bike. Some of them, even though very short, gave us strong emotions and memories. For the moment, we are not writing a blog post for every small adventure we have, but I feel like summing them all up in one yearly blog post is a right thing to do. It gives us an option to look back and just say “what a wonderful year we had”...